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Patent Agent 
Susan Myers Fitch Ph.D.

Patent Law: protect your inventions

Patent Law: protect your inventions

Patent Law: protect your inventionsPatent Law: protect your inventions

What we do:

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Our patenting services

We have a broad and deep skill set to support development and commercialization of your inventions.

  • Inventor / Client counseling
  • US and international patent application drafting, filing, and prosecution to the end goal of patent allowance and granting. Because Susan is not a patent attorney, we can provide cost-effective, high quality service that is more affordable than patent attorneys and/or big law firms.

  • IP due diligence: 

  1. Competitive landscape searches
  2. Patentability analyses
  3. Freedom to operate analyses

  • IP Portfolio Management & Growth. We monitor and provide oversight of your patent portfolio by paying US and international patent annuities and maintenance fees.


Q: Is my invention patentable? A: We provide the targeted invention searches you need to answer this question. Also, you can visit some very helpful websites at the US Patent and Trademark Office, for example:  and 

Q: What is the first step in getting a patent? A: Contact us. We'll help you decide if you need to perform a search for your invention, file a provisional patent application, or provide persuasive arguments to advance your position during patent prosecution.

Q: How long does the patenting process take? A: You should prepare for a process that typically takes a couple of years, for a high-quality, defendable patent.